Stop Being Langweilig 

Almost six months ago I decided I needed an outlet to show my inner me. But who is my inner me I asked? The answer, luckily, wasn’t too hard to find. 

Travel has always been a big part of my life. Sure, lots of people say that, but I love to imagine myself in far off countries exploring and experiencing new cultures and adventures. Unfortunately it is a passion that I have had to put on hold which is why I needed a way to show my passion for travelling without actually going anywhere [insert sad crying face]. 

I’ve always been a fan of Instagram but not a fan of over posting on my own personal (private) page. I find that I get annoyed at the repetitive pictures people put on there of the same plate of food from the same restaurants, the same cheesy selfie, the same dog/baby/partner love gush. And if I find it annoying I feel others would feel the same about me – but maybe I’m being too sensitive [insert pensive face]. So that’s why I decided to start my public page – I can be as anonymous as I like, only attract followers who are interested in the pictures I’m publishing and I don’t have to worry about being annoying (if someone gets annoyed they can unfollow me, much less personal than a friend/colleague/acquaintance unfollowing me – really, sensitive much?!). 

And that is how I created Stop Being Langweilig – Langweilig being the German word for ‘boring’. I wanted to be able to post pictures of places I’d been and places I’d love to go. I also want to inspire other travellers and wanderlusters to go out and explore [insert excited face]. 

Thus, almost, six months later I have decided my inner writer needs to come out too. With my Instagram page as inspiration I now want my pictures to be given words. 

Auf Wiedersehen for now,



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