Plane Ticket = Travel = Happiness

Shopping, clubbing, collecting stamps or adopting kittens, everyone has that one thing that never fails to make them happy. For me, the moment I buy a plane ticket the waves of excitement flow through me. 

I remember the days when you’d head into a travel agent and book your holiday months, and sometimes even years, before you travelled. With the ease of the internet anyone can buy a plane ticket with the click of a button and that means you could be counting down the weeks, days or even hours before you are jet setting to a new destination! This morning London, this afternoon Rome! The world is your oyster. 

Arriving at the airport is always a thrill. It’s like queuing for a rollercoaster. You join the line a bit apprehensive about what’s in store, a bit frustrated at the time you have to stand in line, but as you get closer and closer the adrenaline rushes through you and stepping on the rollercoaster you know you’re in for a fun ride. OK, so while waiting at the airport isn’t always exciting as there’s a lot of sitting around, and being on a plane lasts longer than a couple of minutes, I’m sure you can understand where I was going with my rollercoaster metaphor [insert embarrassed but slightly laughing face]. 

When your gate number is called you jump up in excitement and quickly make your way there (or if you’re more of a cool customer you may saunter over!) and wait for them to let you take one step closer to your next adventure. 

Once on board the plane and settled in your seat there are several things that you may do. 

  1. Check the view. By a window? Can you see the wing. On the aisle? Where’s the nearest toilet!
  2. Check the inflight entertainment. This is essential if you’re on a long haul flight. Have they got that movie you’d purposefully not seen? Are you going to watch that episode of Friends you’ve seen a million times over?
  3. Check out the food. If it’s a short haul flight it’s more of a wince at the prices before deciding to get something anyway – you are on holiday after all! If it’s long haul it’s that age old question – chicken or beef?
  4. Check your pillow/blanket/other comforter is in position. Might fancy a snooze later!
  5. Ensure everything you need (book, phone, magazine, jumbo size toblerone) is within reach, especially if you’re sitting by the window, you don’t want to be clambering over people just to rummage in your bag!

All of a sudden the doors are armed and the plane is rolling backwards. You watch the safety demonstration (each plane is different, people!) and then you sit back, relax and get ready to start your new adventure. 

Auf Wiedersehen for now,



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