Dream Destination #2 – Cape Town

Africa is a continent I haven’t much explored. But it is one that definitely intrigues me. 

Cape Town, South Africa, has always been one of those destinations I would love to travel to but for some reason have never actually managed to pin down dates for. 

The appeal of Cape Town is the immense beauty as well as the many activities there are to do there. 

The one definite activity I would do there, which I will go into in further detail in another post, is cage diving with great white sharks. I get goosebumps on my arms just thinking about it! 

Aside from that there is of course a walk (or rather hike) up Table Mountain. The view from the top would be absolutely incredible. I know more than a few couples who have gotten engaged there and so I imagine it’s utterly romantic as well. For those who don’t have the energy or patience for hiking, I believe there is a cable car that can get you to the top as well. Either way I assume you’d get the best views of the city. 

Being a town by the ocean I envisage  fabulous places to eat. From fresh seafood to hearty meat dishes a foodie would be content! And if you know any locals I’m sure they would invite you around for a brai! 

Another perk of being an ocean town would be the wide range of water sports – surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing – the possibilities are endless. 

I also think of South Africa as being a sport rich country so taking in a cricket or rugby match at Newlands Stadium would be a must, as well as a visit to the Cape Town Stadium where many football matches took place during the 2010 World Cup. 

All this writing makes me think that I really need to book my ticket to Cape Town very soon!

Auf Wiedersehen for now,



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