Welcome to Komandoo

[photo taken by me]

Whenever I am choosing a place to go on holiday I tend to look at either capital/big cities or places with lots of things to do. When I go on holiday I like to be kept busy. Beach holidays don’t exist in my world.

But that was about to change. 

Honeymoon. Everyone has their ideal destination. When I was younger and living in Australia my ideal honeymoon was a trip to Paris in the snow. I fulfilled that when I wasn’t anywhere near getting married, and also when I moved back to the UK, Paris didn’t seem far enough to go. I then had images of a trip to New York followed by a Caribbean cruise or an African safari followed by a stay at a game park. What I hadn’t considered (being a bride I may have become a bit ‘me’ obsessed) was what my husband wanted to do. 

Now my husband has always been happy with our little trips to different cities and seeing the different landmarks. I assumed he’d be happy to do the same with the honeymoon – it’s a trip of a lifetime so we need to make it count, right?! But when I spoke to him about it he said he wanted to just relax. As much as he loved the adventure holidays this one should be about doing nothing – planning a wedding is hard enough! The idea of doing nothing on holiday was a strange one to me and took me a while to get my head around. But after looking at various options I decided to give the idea of a beach holiday a go. And so we booked our Maldivian honeymoon. 

The flight to Male was your standard long haul flight. The flight wasn’t too busy so we got some extra seats to spread out onto which made it a bit easier to make the time go by. 

Once in Male it was time to find our connecting flight. As you can imagine the Maldives is one of the most popular destinations for honeymooners so all around us were other newly weds also trying to find connecting flights (or boats!). After finding our island (out of the millions to chose from!) we made our way to the lounge (via a bus trip around the airport island!). Even though we were just on the basic honeymoon package, when you entered the lounge you felt like a VIP. We were only in the lounge for a short period of time but the staff were really attentive and helpful, we got a welcome bag and a nice, comfy seat with a view. 

It was then time to board our plane. When I say plane, I mean a sea plane. That can fit about 8 people in it. It was tiny! The journey was only 40 minutes and in that time we got to see all the boats jetting to the different islands and lots of ocean with sporadic island paradises before coming into land. The landing was quite steep but smooth once you hit the water. 

[photo taken by me]

Approaching our island I couldn’t help but hold my breath at the beauty. I know they say the Maldives is paradise but it’s completely and utterly true. As a person who is not a fan of the beach and beach holidays this place was quickly making me a number 1 fan.

Our home for the next 10 days was called Komandoo. We were greeted by the manager, a very warm and welcoming South African man who said hello and asked us how we were individually. From the jetty to the reception we walked along to the island’s welcome song ‘Welcome to Komandoo, have a nice holiday...’ and were then each given a coconut filled with homemade coconut ice cream. Delicious!

As the other couples were given their room keys, we were the last ones sitting there. Wait a minute, I thought this was meant to be luxury? Where’s our key? Well that’s when they had a little surprise for us. We had booked to stay in a beach villa but they had booked us in for a surprise one night in a water villa! I have to say that I had seen those on TV and they did look amazing, but I never thought I’d stay in one! 

Inside our water villa, aka villa on stilts, they had arranged the bed with rose petals and given us honeymoon t-shirts! We also got a hamper full of fresh fruit and champagne!

After settling in, and having a quick dip in the ocean (straight from the stairs of our villa!) we had a walk around the island. We had picked an all inclusive, adult only island with 65 villas in total so it didn’t take us long to see it all! I was wearing flip flops (as I hate sand on my feet) but after feeling the softness of the sand, and the fact it didn’t stick to your feet it wasn’t long before I took them off. Plus this was the mantra of the island:

[photo taken by me]

At the island there are a couple of beach bars, a couple of restaurants, tennis and table tennis courts, a spa, a pool, a gift shop and a water sports centre (there may have been more things but these are the places we frequented!). Wherever you went the staff were amazing. AMAZING. I’ve never met such friendly people. 

And speaking of amazing, I’m not sure if that word is even strong enough to describe the food. Mouth watering, delicious, indescribable. The food was to die for! Every day there was a breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet. And they never disappointed. It was all fresh – fruit, seafood, curry, mini desserts, ice cream, everything was perfect. They even made an effort with presentation, I remember a watermelon carved into a face and a bird made out of fruit too! In fact the food was probably the biggest highlight of the island, I’ve never enjoyed food more! 

There were so many other brilliant things about the honeymoon as well. After our night in the water villa we moved to our beach villa which was still incredible. We had our own little bit of beach where we would sit on our sun loungers and read books before taking a swim to cool off. We got to see little baby sharks swimming by the shore, rays just minding their own business and plenty of fish (I never got to see a turtle though!). We enjoyed a sunset boat trip, an afternoon at a deserted island, kayaking and plenty of cocktails by the beach! 

Though a honeymoon at the Maldives may sound a bit cliche I would definitely recommend it, I could not find a fault with it whatsoever. I am longing to go back one day and hope one day I will. 

From being very anti-beach holiday it’s safe to say that I could be swayed to go on one now! 

Auf Wiedersehen for now,


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